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A Trip to the Movies- Warm Bodies

Hello all you Tumble weeds! If you read my last post you would know that I have revived this blog and want to add some new content. However, I am having a lazy weekend so I am gonna use one of my old ideas, which is A trip to the Movies(where I just review a movie that happens to be in theaters and that I happened to see). This entry is is about the new ZomCom that is also a RomCom, Warm Bodies.

This movie is about a world where a zombie apocalypse has happened and a giant wall separates the zombies from civilization. The Zombies are pretty chill guys, when they aren’t eating brains. They mainly just walk and grunt. The humans have developed a military system that seems to be made up of teenagers only. 

The main focus of the movie is on a teenage Zombie, that goes by the name of “R”, and his love for a human girl named Julie. Obviously, there are some obstacles in the relationship, but I will let you see for yourself how it all resolves.

I loved this movie! I found myself agreeing with the zombies more than the humans which is definitely a new feeling. Also, the zombies’ mechanics were never set and stone and very fun to watch (Seriously, some of them fought like they were in the WWE). The actors were all entertaining and they had a good deal of chemistry which was very apparent in a few of the scenes. There were a good deal of laughs and a lot of the comedy was subtle. Plus, this movie kind of revived romantic movies to me because it put a spin on them that made them less predictable. Thanks, Warm Bodies. 

If I have any complaints it would be that in some of the flashback scenes,  R was supposed to be living someone’s memories but the scenes were in third person which was a little weird, but nothing too serious. Also, the characters claim that Zombies can starve to death which is a pet peeve of mine. However, these complaints don’t take away any of this movie’s charm.

If you like zombie movies, comedies, or romances, I reccommend Warm Bodies. 

Link to IMDB:

What’s been going on

I used to start off some of my posts with the phrase, “Hello all you tumble weeds”. However, in the recent month, my Tumblr account has been crawling with actual tumble weeds. That’s my not-so-clever way of saying that I haven’t posted in a while. Recently I’ve decided to start this blog back up and the best way to do that is to tell my 13 followers what I have been up to.

As far as movies go, I’ve been watching them avidly, although not as avidly as in the past of because of my massive work load at at school. I really enjoyed Looper and I found a surprise hit in Moonrise Kingdom(which I plan to do a full review of later). I may even just make a 2012 movie mega post. 

I’ve been playing plenty of video games. I’m trying to play all of the 157 games I have on Steam(That’s right, I am a PC Gamer). I am very excited to add video game content to the blog.

I’ve been watching a lot of TV. Mainly half-hour comedies(my favorite) as well as a good bit of British broadcasting. If you haven’t watched Red Dwarf then shame on you.

To round this out I will mention that I’ve had a resurgence of interest in traditional games. Such as Tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons as well as trading card games like Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh!

I know this post wasn’t very detailed, but I believe I got the point across. I am planning on adding a lot more content on this page in the foreseeable future. Have a nice day, guys

A Trip to the Movies - Wreck it Ralph

It was Thanksgiving day, we decided to go see a movie. The city was busy with Black Friday shoppers awaiting the 8PM opening of Wal-Mart. It is beyond me why we even bother calling it “Black Friday” anymore. In a few years, it’s probably gonna take place in September.

With that rant aside, the movies were still quite busy. There were teenage girls ready to see what would happen in the final chapter of their nauseating supernatural-romance series. Their were also several old men either seeing the remake of one of their glory days movies, Red Dawn, or the Denzel Washington vehicle Flight.

In the line, my friend and I actually debated about whether or not we were going to see Wreck-It Ralph (The movie we planned on seeing) or Breaking Dawn Part II (A movie we desperately want to make fun of). We were actually close to seeing the latter when we thought that there were no 2D showings of Wreck-It Ralph, but luckily the guy at the ticket box told us otherwise and we went in to see Disney’s latest hit.

While I waited for my friend to buy popcorn, I got in the arcade mood and decided to try my hand at a game of Galaga in the theater’s annexed arcade. I rooted around for 2 quarters in my wallet and then pleasured myself in playing one of the hardest games ever. Not surprisingly, I died with a minuter of playing, but I still had a lot of fun.

After that, we went in to see one of the greatest Disney Movies I have ever seen…

It may be the fact that I was raised on video games that I loved it so much. There were so many of my favorites and even really small references, some of which went over my head. I’m really not trying to give a review here, but it                   was an incredible film. It had lots of thrills, big laughs, some awkward romance, and some heartwarming moments. In the end, all the conflicts ere resolved and the storylines culminated in that very Disney manner that makes you feel happy on the inside. 


Anuncios retro de videojuegos
E.T. :3


Anuncios retro de videojuegos

E.T. :3


Scott “The Choctaw” Aukerman


Scott “The Choctaw” Aukerman

Books that I am currently reading

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been reading a lot more which had hindered my movie reviewing (Those are still on the way). In order to make sure that my now double-digit fan-base doesn’t get outraged, I’ve prepared a list of books that I am currently reading (in case you didn’t understand the creative title). 

First and foremost is the Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy! This is a series of five novels written by Douglas Adams (A sixth was written by Eoin Colfer after Adams’ death). They chronicle the events that take place after Earth is destroyed to build an intergalactic bypass. They follow, mainly, Arthur Dent, an earthman who was saved from earth’s destruction by his friend Ford Prefect(An alien who writes for The Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy). 

To put these books into simple terms, these books are the most witty and astute observations about the universe wrapped into a fictional novelization. I’ve already finished the first 3 books and plan to finish the rest before the end of the month. If you are a fan of science fiction and comedy, then this really is the BEST of both worlds.

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell is a nonfiction comedy piece by everyone’s favorite asshole, Tucker Max. He tells all the stories of his drunken and sexual escapades that he and his interesting group of friends have gone through.

This book is really hilarious. Even though most of the jokes are really mean and are at someone’s expense, you can’t help but bust out at how well it is executed. If you can tolerate a man who promises he is an asshole writing about how great his life is, I recommend this book, it is a good read.

Dune is a book I am reading for my Chemistry class. It is hard to follow of you aren’t a longtime reader, but it is quite good. It is considered to be the “Supreme Masterpiece of Science Fiction.” So yeah, if that tickles your fancy, then give it a whirl.

This is Artemis Fowl written by Eoin Colfer (The aforementioned writer of the sixth Hitchhikers’ novel). It is a young-adult fantasy novel about a 12-year old mastermind and his battle with the supernatural.

So, this is what I’ve been up to if anyone(no one) has been wondering. I am really enjoying this reading thing. If anyone (no one) has suggestions of books I should read in the future, then send them in!

I hope everyone has a good night and a very happy Easter!

Movie Review- Attack the Block!

Hey Everyone! It’s Seth and I’m about to Fanboy on your screen. I haven’t done a movie review in a while and just saw a movie that was worth the time. That movie was Attack the Block!

This is  a British-made alien comedy about a group of adolescent street thugs who decide to fight off an alien invasion. I know, sounds awesome, right? RIGHT! This movie is enticing and hilarious from start to finish!

One unique, and favorable, characteristic of this film is that they don’t play the regular “What does the alien look like?” game. Within the first 5 minutes, you already see an alien and a fight scene. This gives the characters more time for jokes and motivation to fight these invaders.

Speaking of the characters, they are developed SO well. Being that they are all 15 and younger, it is always more difficult to connect them to more mature audiences, but not here. These kids are all hilarious and interesting. Best friends that are attempting to save the world, you can feel their bonds at most points in the film. Also, there are two much younger supporting actors who try to be as cool as the others, and they are very endearing and have some badass moments themselves.

If this movie has ANY flaw, it is the fact of HOW BRITISH the accents are! Sometimes I just assumed what they were saying was funny! This just proves how real the actors are. They aren’t some hotshot art school kids, they are ACTUAL kids who REALLY have experience in their surroundings.

That being said, the absolute best part of this film was the use of practical effects for the aliens. I don’t want to spoil anything, but if you get to watch this movie on Blu-Ray, check out the “Creature Feature.” It is really interesting and funny if you are interested in how your movies are made.

To sum it up, SEE THIS MOVIE! You won’t regret it

IMDB Link:


Ahhh good ol Colbert.

Community Review: Introduction to Film/Social Psychology

Hey all you Tumbl weeds! You are looking good today, and I hope you are feeling good too! I’m feeling great, and it is time for my second Community review/synopsis/spoiler thing! Today’s episodes are “Introduction to Film” and “Social Psychology.”

In the episode “Introduction to Film” there are two main plots going on. In the first, Jeff has chosen his ultimate blow off class which is taught by the incomparable David Michael Higgins. The motto of this class is simple, “Carpe Diem: Seize the Day.” Students are challenged to live in the moment or they will fail. Jeff, very typically, finds this task easy until the professor sees through his facade. Jeff is given the ultimatum to live in the moment by the end of the week or he will fail. He attempts this many times, but Professor Whitman doesn’t accept them. This is resolved when Britta kisses him in the middle of the day( not for intimate reasons, just because the professor happened to be around). The second plot is Abed’s desire to make films. He explains that his dad won’t pay for a film class, so Britta funds his endeavors instead. He begins making a documentary that has mysterious context. In the end, we find out it was a film documenting his feelings for his dad’s controlling and disapproving ways. His dad sheds tears and agrees to support Abed’s film career.

To me, this is a pivotal episode for two reasons. One, we see that Jeff’s “I don’t care” temperament is all fake. He puts effort into being the slacker that he is, and doesn’t own up to it. This opened up the series to have a more dramatic tone, but also room for plenty of jokes. The second reason is that it introduces us to Abed’s film making, something that is integral to his character for the rest of the season.

"Social Psychology" is an episode that gives us insight on Shirley’s character. She and Jeff begin to make fun of Britta’s new boyfriend, Vaughn(Eric Christian Olsen), who is an extreme hippy. While Jeff thinks it is all fun and games, it’s an addiction for Shirley. She has always been a gossip, a pot-stirrer. So when Jeff decides to change his ways in order to improve his friendship with Britta, Shirley has to quit as well. Also, this episode furthers our knowledge of Abed through an experiment done by Annie and Professor Ian Duncan (John Oliver). They test the reaction type and time of people who are waiting for something. They do this by putting people in a room and telling them an experiment will be started in five minutes. This goes on until all people have reached a breaking point and left. This all goes as planned until Abed is the only person left. After 26 hours, he was still sitting there causing Ian Duncan to have a meltdown of his own. Annie orders Abed to leave after that. When she questions him on why he stayed that long, he says, "Because you asked me to, and you said we were good friends." This is when Annie realizes that Abed isn’t used to having close friends and will go to far lengths to please them.

Hope you guys enjoyed me basically telling you something that happened in a something! See you next time!

Community Review: Pilot/ Spanish 101

Hey everybody! As I discussed not too long ago, I decided to expand my blog to encompass my full entertainment interests. As also discussed before, slightly longer ago than the former, I am a huge fan of the best show on TV, Community. Considering this, and my desire to keep it on air, I have decided to go through the series two-by-two and give my opinions and outlook on the episodes. I guess I will start at the best place, the beginning!

The Pilot episode, written by Dan Harmon, is one of the best openers to a series of this kind. Within, literally, the first 2 minutes, you are introduced to the characters, their conflict, and their ambition (if you are reading my Community posts for the first time, a rundown of the characters is in my “Loving Community” post). Basically, this episode gives us hope for what could be a great series.

Spanish 101 is an episode that really expands the horizons of this show. As everyone says, the hardest episode to write is the second (not really related to the review, just wanted to get that piece of knowledge out there). This episode is the debut of Ken Jeong as Senor Chang. Chang is one of the most dynamic and hilarious characters played by a very dynamic and hilarious actor who has no shame on screen. His rant about being Asian and teaching Spanish gets me every time. We also meet the recurring character of Star Burns(named for the star-shaped side burns he sports). This episode also features a montage with Jeff and Pierce that may bring you to tears for more reasons than one. However, with all that in mind, the best thing that came from this episode was the “Biblioteca Rap” that Troy and Abed perform in their aside segment at he end. Overall, this was one of the better second episodes I have seen and it left room for improvement.

I hope you enjoyed this and hope you read the next installment: Introduction to Film/ Social Psychology